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Beauty and holistic therapies in East Bristol. Using only clean, green, cruelty free and vegan products.

Hair removal

Hair Removal

How long does my hair need to be?

Approximately 1cm long. For most people this is usually 2 weeks post shaving, or 4 weeks post hair removal from the root ie. epilation, waxing, sugaring.

Should I trim?

If you have longer hair it can be very helpful to give it all a little trim before you come to your appointment. Hair removal is often much less ouchy when the hair is the correct length. Just be very careful not to go overboard! If you trim it too short I might not be able to carry out the treatment.

What’s the difference between all the bikini line wax treatments?

Every salon seems to use different names for different treatments, so I just use what my trainer - Kim Lawless taught me! If you’d like something in between the treatments described below, do let me know and we can tailor your wax treatment to you.

Standard bikini line removes any hair that’s outside your knickers. Think standard briefs rather than a teeny thong though!

High bikini line comes in a centimetre or so from the knicker line.

G String is a slight tidy up of the hair on the mons pubis, and complete removal of hair on the labia and around your anus.

Brazilian is complete removal of hair on the labia and anus, and leaves a small strip of hair on the mons pubis.

Hollywood is full removal of the pubic hair, so includes mons pubis, labia, and anus.

Can I keep my knickers on?

If you are having standard or high bikini line on you can leave them on, or I can give you some disposable pants to keep your own safe from wax and the pre and post wax products. If you are having a g-string, brazilian or hollywood wax you will need to take your knickers off. They will only get in the way and make my job rather tricky! Bikini line waxes are probably one of my most popular treatments, I do several daily so it’s just normal for me! I know it can be a bit anxiety inducing, but do remember that I’m waxing bikini lines all the time, so I won’t be phased in the slightest. I do use a towel so if you are feeling a bit worried we can cover any parts that aren’t being worked on.

How do I prevent ingrown hairs?

Some people do seem to be more susceptible to ingrown hairs, but I do think there are several things you can do to greatly reduce or even prevent them entirely.

The first thing I would recommend is exfoliation! Don’t go too overboard with it, there are some pretty scratchy scrubs out there. I do sell a lovely scrub from Wild Source Apothecary which you can purchase in my treatment room. I personally think the best way to exfoliate is to body brush daily. I sell a range of Hydrea body brushes and exfoliation mitts, and can explain how to use them during your treatment.

What’s the difference between strip wax and hot wax?

Strip (or warm) wax is the wax applied with a spatula, then a strip is smoothed over and pulled off. This kind of wax is excellent in areas with vellus hair - like legs. Hot wax is a bit like candle wax in that it sets hard, it doesn’t stay sticky like strip wax. Once hard, the wax is pulled off. No strips are used. It grips the hair, but not the skin. Hot wax is perfect for areas with terminal hair, or more sensitive areas, like the face. It is more expensive than strip wax, but feels a lot more comfortable!

What’s the difference between sugaring and waxing?

Sugaring and waxing are the same in that they both remove the hair from the root. However, with sugaring you do remove the hair in the opposite direction to waxing - going “with the grain” of the hair, this means less irritation, and less likelihood of ingrown hairs. While wax is synthetic, sugar paste is completely natural and biodegradable. There is much less waste from a sugaring treatment, you end with a small ball of sugar paste, and a pair of gloves. Whereas with waxing you end up with gloves and a LOT of wax, and depending on the treatment - a lot of strips too! The difference in waste is the main reason I decided to take up sugaring - and I’m so pleased I did!

I still offer waxing as it is cheaper, faster and wax is very dependable. Sugar paste is a little unpredictable and can change depending on the weather, and the body I’m working on. But as it is sugar, even if it’s getting very sticky it can always be removed with warm water, easy peasy!

What should I do before my hair removal treatment? 

Make sure you have been exfoliating in the lead up to the treatment. I do try and remove any ingrown hairs with tweezers, but this can be very time consuming. Exfoliating can release some ingrown hairs, meaning they will be removed with the wax/sugar, therefore I can do a much better job!

If you have drier skin you may want to moisturise a few times the week before your treatment too.

Make sure to stay out of the sun for a day or so beforehand. Sunburn is a contraindication to treatment.

Avoid fake tanning, as this will come off with the wax, and you’ll end up with a rather interesting tan line!

What should I do after my hair removal treatment?

For 48 hours post treatment:

- Do not use sunbeds, or go sunbathing. If being in the sun is unavoidable make sure to apply a broad spectrum sun block every few hours.

-Avoid heat - saunas, hot baths.

-No swimming pools!

-It’s best not to get hot and sweaty so no working out either, pop the trainers away.

-Wear loose cotton clothing, rather than any tight, synthetic materials ie. leggings.

-You can apply something very gentle, like aloe, to soothe any soreness.

After 48 hours start exfoliating gently. I highly recommend using a body brush!

Book your next hair removal treatment 4-6 weeks later.