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Abel Odor Review – Cobalt Amber

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Abel Odor Review – Cobalt Amber

Sasha Seaward

abel natural perfumes organic green review

Have you seen the new perfume collection that everyone’s talking about? Meet Abel, a 100% natural perfume brand. Housed in chic, sleek packaging with decadent scents that can thrill you, inspire you, soothe you.

While I was feeling very sorry for myself in hospital an absolutely exquisite parcel arrived for me. Nestled inside were beautiful little testers of the entire Abel Vita Odor collection:

Abel Cobalt Amber – “a chic, sultry oriental”

Abel White Vetiver – “a fresh, cool wood”

Abel Golden Neroli – “a rich, romantic floral”

Abel Grey Laubdanum – “an edgy, dark oriental”

Abel Red Santal – “a warm, spicy wood”

abel natural perfumes organic green cobalt amber review

Now if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that I am quite the fusspot when it comes to fragrance. In fact I’ve spent a long time with out perfumes as I just could not find one that suited my needs – must be natural, must last, must not be too feminine – definitely not floral! must be earthy, creamy and oh so delicious! So would any of these five Abel Vita Odors pass the test?

Well firstly they all passed the “natural” test with flying colours. The entire Abel range is created from fairly traded, and sustainably sourced naturally derived ingredients. Their full ingredients list is available on their website – and is pleasingly short, with nothing that I wasn’t sure of. (This is actually highly unusual, and I often spend quite a long time researching strange ingredients before writing my blog posts!)

Now for the bottles’ contents! I tested Golden Neroli and White Vetiver first, and was slightly disappointed, although they were divine in their own way, they just weren’t for me. Grey Labdanam was again, beautiful, so cool and enticing, but not quite right. Easily my two favourites were the Cobalt Amber and Red Santal. Both were little bottles of bliss, and I had an extremely hard time picking a favourite. Cobalt Amber won it …just.

abel natural perfumes organic green cobalt amber review

Cobalt Amber

It smells so divine, conjuring up day dreams of perfect warm summer evenings, listening to the sea, the first sip of a beautiful wine, meeting someones eyes for the first time. Top notes of pink pepper, cardamom, and juniper berry. Heart notes of cacao, tonka, and peru balsam. Base notes of amber. This is my perfect fragrance to accompany me on an evening out, and yet also seems to work for day to day life too. I imagine myself waltzing through my days, leaving just a hint of this creamy scent trailing behind.

The individual bottles come packaged in crisp, white boxes, with just a slither of colour to hint at the delights inside. The bottles’ minimal design will sit pretty on any bathroom shelf or dressing table. The epitome of the phrase “simple yet elegant”.

abel natural perfumes organic green review

Abel’s Cobalt Amber is easily my very favourite natural perfume, I would highly recommend it to anyone. However, if you think you might like a different scent to the one I chose, why not try Abel’s Discovery Set to test all five for £28.00. This would make the most perfect gift too, and you can even choose to purchase a set that includes a gift card so that your recipient can select a full size bottle of their choice.