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Woodborough Street
Bristol, England, BS5
United Kingdom


Beauty and holistic therapies in East Bristol. Using only clean, green, cruelty free and vegan products.

Green, vegan and cruelty free beauty blog

Balanced Beauty Bristol’s green, vegan and cruelty free beauty blog.

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Review: Khus + Khus DETOX Hydrolat + Serum

Sasha Seaward

I’ve recently been trying out the Khus + Khus detox serum and hydrolat. And to be honest, these have come at a funny time in my life. Big change has happened, and although it has been good change, I have definitely been going through a grieving process for what was… These beautiful products contain very powerful herbal formulas, with quite intense aromas. So, that alongside the timing of using them,  I found that my reaction to these products was quite emotional. So this review might be a little …different than normal. I’m desperately going to try to not get too …out there.. for you guys. But I’m not making any promises! Ha!

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Anti Pollution Skincare - S5 Review

Sasha Seaward

Living in Bristol has it’s ups and it’s downs. We have festivals, parties and events coming out of our ears. The harbourside with it’s cranes, the museums, the music, the art and the incredibly laid back lifestyle. But also…. the pollution. Bristol’s air pollution is a problem. Frankly, quite a serious problem. The city’s air currently holds around 10 micrograms per cubic metre of fine particle emissions… which is the World Health Organisation’s limit. 

This level of pollution causes many, many problems. And let’s be clear I’m not going to delve into all of the many serious health issues that air pollution at this level can cause. But I am going to talk about skincare, as pollution can play absolute havoc with your skin. 

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Review: Khus + Khus Sen Face Serum + Bleu Body Serum

Sasha Seaward

I’ll be honest, me and green beauty have had a little falling out recently. I’ve been getting sick of people scaremongering, naming lists of ingredients that’ll “kill you” and basically assuming that natural = good, synthetic = bad. I’ve been reading more, and more about skin. I’ve been learning about different ingredients. I’ve been thinking, talking, listening to it all. I decided to open up, and try some slightly different ingredients, products and ranges. I tried my first products from The Ordinary. And honestly… my skin has just been getting better and better!

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