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Beauty and holistic therapies in East Bristol. Using only clean, green, cruelty free and vegan products.

Review: Lost in Scent vegan candles

Green, vegan and cruelty free beauty blog

Balanced Beauty Bristol’s green, vegan and cruelty free beauty blog.

Review: Lost in Scent vegan candles

Sasha Seaward

Scent is incredibly important to me. Well, I think it is to most people! But I do get quickly whisked away, far off into some corner of my imagination, with even a slight hint of fragrance.  Mint choc chip ice-cream reminds me of walks by the canal with my mum and sister when we were teeny tots. Patchouli reminds me of my father’s house in Birmingham, which was a treasure trove of art and beautiful objects. That musty smell of old books fills me with comfort, and brings back snippets of the stories I would devour as a child. Scent is special. 

I think for these reasons I’m slightly (very much so) obsessed with keeping my house smelling good. And when I say good, I mean - cosy, safe, joyful, warming… and I honestly do think that smells can really capture that. So I’m so glad that A Beautiful World introduced me to Lost in Scent who make candles that really seem to tell a story with their fragrance. Oh blooming heck I hope I haven’t gone too cosmic too quickly… better get to the juicy stuff..

Lost in Scent - Soy candles, Mulholland Drive and Hebrides

Lost In Scent

Lost In Scent are city based… but have dreams of different landscapes; far away mountains, secret beaches, hidden valleys. Their candles and scents are inspired by the Lost in Scent founders, Darrell and Andy’s, own journeys and travels. They are fragrances with the purpose to quench a little of your thirst for adventure… right within your home.

Each candle is made from soy wax - which is vegan, with cotton and linen wicks. They are hand crafted using fragrant oils - free from animal derivatives and are of course completely cruelty free.

Lost In Scent have created music playlists for each particular candle, which honestly just makes my day. The amount of thought that has gone into these products, the story behind each one. You know so much love has gone into your candle. I think it’s beautiful, and ever so special. 

Lost in Scent - Soy candles - Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

“Moonlight in the canyon and martinis on the balcony, welcome back to golden age of Hollywood. Inspired by heady adventures in the la-la-land of yesteryear, this is a seductive joyride where leather meets innocent gardenia and tuberose.  Fasten your seatbelts!” Lost in Scent

Mood: Sexy, luxurious, calming

Scent notes: Vintage leather, gardenia, tuberose

My thoughts: Fragrant, lightly floral, yet not typically “girly” in the slightest. This one I’ve kept for the Balanced Beauty Bristol treatment room. It’s deep… deeper. A sense of adventure, fun but relaxing.

Lost in Scent - Soy candles - Hebrides


“From the cairn atop the peak, looking out across the archipelago, breathe in the purest highland air. Notes of pepper and woodland from the forests far below, beside tobacco and smoky hints of the moorland heather. A scent from the highlands, forever in your heart. “ Lost in Scent

Mood: Earthy, warming, relaxed

Scent notes: Black pepper, tobacco, citrus and heather

My thoughts: Woah. This one is seductive. It went straight in the bedroom… I feel like it could lull me into perfect sleep… or perhaps something naughtier. Definitely earthy, definitely sexy. I think this one is my favourite of the two - although I might say different on a different day as they are both just beautiful.

I’m pretty impressed with these candles. The scents are perfectly balanced, exotic, enticing and yet oh so calming. The packaging is gorgeous. If you get one, make sure to get it gift wrapped to create the most pleasing consumer experience!! Also, with …THAT… holiday coming up, I’ll definitely be getting a couple from A Beautiful World. They are just the thing for that person you’re finding hard to buy for. Uhhh, and maybe everyone else too!

Lost in Scent - enjoy the journey!

Disclaimer: These gorgeous candles were gifted to me, thanks Lost in Scent! But I chose to feature them on the blog as I thought they were so special and lovely.